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The Truth about Bio-Available Minerals

1 tsp of Adya Clarity added to 1 gallon of water, gives us the same amount of trace-mineral aluminum, as is found in all of the natural-healing hot springs across this planet.

"Hot Springs rich in Sulfur and Sulfates are used to address a wide variety of conditions, including skin infections, respiratory problems, and skin inflammations"

If you look at the aluminum and iron content in most springs they are at 5ppm. Now if you dilute water properly with Adya Clarity, the resulting water would also have about 5ppm aluminum and iron content. This is a trace amount.

The fact is, every time you look at the mineral content of a healing spring, it will have the exact same minerals in similar amounts as those referenced above. All of these hot springs will also have the exact same minerals, in similar amounts, as Adya-Clarity-created water.

1 tsp. of Adya Clarity = 5 mg of aluminum (this is then diluted by a gallon of water!). The estimated average daily consumption of aluminum for humans, according to the FDA and WHO, is 10-15mg.

Aluminum Content Higher in a Cup of Pineapple Than in a Day's Consumption of Adya Clarity:

Aluminum sulfate is used in organic farming: The big difference between the aluminum sulfate that is used in organic farming however with the aluminum sulfate in Adya Clarity (Themarox), is that the aluminum sulfate in Adya Clarity (Themarox) is in a natural complex of many different types of salts, which is actually more defined as a whole food/natural product, and therefore entirely safe for consumption, where as the aluminum sulfate used in farming would not be safe for consumption.

It is a known fact that aluminum is never found alone in nature, but in many different forms. Just like in Adya Clarity (Themarox). This is similar to how in food, vitamin A is found in thousands of different forms, and this is how it is meant to be consumed by the human body, and is the natural form of vitamin A. However, in a synthetic vitamin capsule, it is only in one form, similar to the synthetic aluminum sulfate used in farming today, and the reason why synthetic vitamin A supplements have shown to actually make disease processes WORSE in studies! Luckily in farming, the plants make it bioavailable and natural again!

The Truth About Bio-available Minerals: Much Different Than Their Synthetic Counterparts:

I want to present you with research regarding aluminum and other minerals in food. I want to specifically reference the aluminum and the state that minerals need to be in to be bioavailable to humans. This is the same information that Shimanishi Asao knew 40 years ago in chemistry and is the reason why we have Adya Clarity minerals today.

The book "The Root of All Disease" addresses the misunderstandings about the safety of aluminum in the health world today:

Here is a book that goes into the mineral science in nature. It was written by Elmer G. Heinrich who brought the idea of "plant derived" minerals to the world. He does not promote our product but he has been in this industry studying this specific thing for at least 32 years which is the amount of time he has been in business.

Read Chapter 8, titled "THE TOXIC MINERALS BELIEF" It's all about the aluminum myth.

Some key points to review from this chapter:

  • "All aluminum found in food is pre-assimilated by the plant, and it is naturally tied to the plant in the form of sulfate."
  • "Naturally occurring aluminum sulfate minerals are called alums."
  • "Alum sulfate increases stomach acidity and improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients, stimulates gastric and pancreatic secretion and has a mild diuretic effect."
  • "Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, second only to silica. It is in virtually everything we touch!"